Fancy Doors has the largest selection of interior doors in Edmonton, and the biggest showroom of interior doors in Western Canada.  Along with a great selection of interior doors, Fancy Doors can also fill any order quickly as our new production facilities allow us to carry an incredibly large inventory.  We are glad to serve our residential and commercial customers, providing them with the interior doors needed for their homes or businesses.

New additions to our interior doors

Fancy Doors added elegance interior doors to our showroom. We have a Nuvo French, Kappa French, Berkley, Summer Brook French, Kayla French, Kappa Eco, Kappa Eco 0.5, Kayla Eco, Kayla Eco 0.5, Saddle Brook Eco 2020, Saddle Brook Eco 0.5, Nuvo Eco, Nuvo Eco 0.5, Anno 4 French and many more interior doors. These new interior doors are available in many designs, sizes, and glass options. Visit our showroom today or Call (780) 432-7700!


Whether you are looking to substitute a practical, often-used door with an affordable replacement, or upgrade to an exquisite natural wood or french door upgrade, Fancy Doors has the solution for you.

Located in Edmonton and locally-owned, we stock a diverse selection of interior doors in a variety of wood species, core types, and styles. From elegant, sophisticated accents to your home, to unbeatable classics such as shaker style doors, our stock is guaranteed to have the interior door that fits your home.

We have the largest and most unique selection of interior doors in western Canada and we are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products possible enhanced by outstanding customer service.

If you are seeking more information, view our Edmonton doors gallery, come to see us in-person, or get a free quote online. Our beautifully engineered doors are available in a smooth or textured finish suit any decor.

interior style shaker door
  • Natural Wood

    Natural Wood

Hollow Core Doors

hollow core door edmonton

Often what is needed is nothing more than a good practical door. Something that looks great and is sensible. Sometimes, all your house needs are doors providing peace, quiet, and privacy. Hollow core doors come in a wide variety of material types and designs and are generally more affordable. Many All-Panel doors are upgrade-able with alternative core types and wood species.

  • Hollow Core doors are made with interwoven corrugated hollow cells supporting the outer face of the door while keeping it lightweight and easy to install.
  • Hollow core doors are available in all panel and flush designs. Solid core, and other core options are often available.
  • Hollow Core doors are often a more affordable option, for those looking to simply replace a faulty door, or do some basic upgrades and renovations around the house.
  • All shaker doors are available with glass inserts, some restrictions may apply.

Flush Hardboard Doors

flush hardboard door edmonton

Our Edmonton flush hardboard interior doors are dependable and long-lasting. They are a completely smooth door, perhaps providing a solid more rustic appearance.  Flush hardboard doors are available in a variety of wood species, prefinishes and core types. As with many of our door styles, the customer has numerous options for core types, soundproofing and fire rating. These interior doors truly highlight the wood species and finishing selections chosen.  Come down to our south-side Edmonton location to discuss the possibilities and to find a door which will look great as part of your home.

Router Carved Doors

router carved doors edmonton

Doors with glass can be beautiful it’s true, but they don’t necessarily work in every home. Sometimes, it can be really tough to find a door style that perfectly fits together with your other design preferences. That’s where router carved doors come in. Not only do their carefully buffed, visually appealing smooth finishes make them an incredibly attractive alternative to glass doors, with over 100 standard design conceptions in addition to custom design possibilities available, it’s hard not to find a router carved door that will fit with your home decor. Come visit our store to check out our selection of router carved doors in Edmonton!

  • Router Carved doors utilize the latest in computer controlled router carving, allowing for accurate and infinite design possibilities.
  • Router Carved doors feature a higher STC rating; (up to 33), then hollow core doors, allowing for sound privacy and restful quiet, in addition to being visually appealing.
  • Detailed designs on Router Carved doors can include complex graphic designs and even text!

Natural Wood Doors

natural wood doors edmonton

Fancy Doors offer a multitude of options when ordering natural wood doors in Edmonton, with countless styles and finishes to choose from. Natural Wood doors can be ordered in several different species, including but not limited to alder, cherry, mahogany, walnut or oak.  Fancy Doors offer wood doors in old world, flush or French designs, everything you need to compliment any style.

Designer Doors

designer doors edmonton

At the end of the day, what sets your house apart from your friend’s house? What about your neighbour’s or sibling’s?  Show off a little with specially crafted doors, designed to accentuate your sense of style! Our designer doors in Edmonton are perfect for adding that stylish flair to your home.

  • Designer Doors are designed with updated, modern interior architecture and design trends in mind and achieve truly unique appearances.
  • Many designer doors come with the option of metallic copper or stainless inlays, to match any home decor.
  • Conceived by designers and home décor experts, designer doors feature unique designs, and styles, boldly identifying that which beautifully define us apart from others.
  • Designer doors can be finely tuned to your style with custom glass options and inlays.

Bifold Doors

bifold doors edmonton

Our Edmonton bifold doors are perfect for keeping your space well organized. Maybe you use them for your hallway closet; flip-flops, boots, and runners otherwise spilling out into the hall. Perhaps they hide your son’s rarely touched Lego collection, or the clothing mess that was your daughter’s floor 5 minutes before asking she tidy her room.

  • Bi-fold doors are a great and affordable option, to keep your bedroom or living spaces clean, compartmentalized, and organized.
  • Bi-fold doors are designed to match your hollow core and other interior door choices.
  • Bi-folds are great options for closets and spaces where there isn’t enough space for a full swing door.

French Doors

french doors edmonton

French doors offer an elegance and beauty which transform any interior space into an enjoyable and special one. They capture light and make it…better! Soft light from a warm, low burning fire, or brilliant sunlight streaming in on a cool fall morning, let it reflect off the clear or hand crafted crisp glass panels you chose for your french doors.  Use our Edmonton french doors to class-up any space whether you double them in a pair or not.

  • French Doors are doors that consist of a frame around one or more transparent or translucent panels.
  • French Doors may be installed single, in matched pairs, or as part of a series.
  • Generally speaking, French Doors have many different interchangeable glass inserts and designs to choose from.