Confidence comes from knowing your supplier has both the capability and the skills to fabricate just about any size, shape, or configuration door you might require.

  • Steel
  • Solid Core Wood
  • Steel Options

    Steel Options

All Fancy commercial doors can be opened with confidence, including our industry leading ARTEK doors.  ARTEK doors are tough enough to meet any application. Manufactured from premium quality stretcher-leveled, wipe-coat galvanneal steel, ARTEK doors outlast long wear and tear. Face panels are laminated to the core, and for added strength and durability, end channels are projection-welded to top and bottom channels on 3” to 4” centers.


Flush steel doors are perfect for when you need a simple design, but an effective and smart looking commercial door for your Edmonton business.

6 Panel / 2 Panel

What is great about panel doors is that you can choose the design that best suits the decor of your business. We have 6 panel and 2 panel options available and these commercial doors will look elegant in your Edmonton business.


Dutch doors are unique because they are separated into two panels horizontally, and a panel can slide open. This can allows a breeze in on a warm summer day.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel doors give a contemporary look to any business. They are also strong, durable and can usually withstand an attempt at unauthorized entry.

Full Weld Seam

The edge of the door is reinforced and continuously welded, a door that is fully continuously welded is stronger than a standard lock seam on edge door.

Glass lites

These doors come with beautiful glass panels that let the light in. They are great for a business that wants a lighter and more elegant feel for the commercial doors in their Edmonton business.

1. Closer Reinforcing: Closer reinforcement box at the top of each door and also the bottom of the door when reversible.

2. Panic-Bar Reinforcing: Reinforcing ensures that hardware remains secure and full functional.

3. Standard Hinge Preparation: Door-specific hinge preperation determined by door size and weight.

4. End Channels: Projection-welded and channels at 3” to 4” centres add strength and durability.

5. Lock Seam: Extra deep vertical mechanical full lock seam construction helps retain the quality and integrity of the door. Special sealant adhesive used on edges provide maximum strength and rigidity.

6. Inner Core: Honeycomb cell paper comes with impregnated resin.

7. Lock Preparation: Lock reinforcement & full barrel support or panic-bar reinforcing comes standard.

8. Surface Bolt Reinforcing: Special reinforcing plates for surface bolt preparation can be installed as an option.

9. Edge Tabs: Special edge tabs for flush bolt preparation can be installed as an option.

  • Modern


  • Birch


From the heart of Africa, to the heart of your own home, nothing adds character and style like doors crafted from African mahogany, called “sapele.” This exotic, reddish-brown hardwood is imported from places like the Ivory coast, Cameroon or Zaire. Its harvest helps support local economies there. And it’s lustrous, fine-textured grain will stand out in any room, for any application.

StileLine sapele doors are offered in flush, 1 panel & 2 panel configurations, bifold doors in flush, 1 panel and 2 panel. Four glass options include clear, satin etch, scalloped reed and dappled rain.

They’re all part of Lynden Door’s StileLine series - a tradition of finely crafted, affordable panel doors.


Maple is a strong wood that is very resistant to water and heat. Maple is also a beautiful light color that shows of its grain beautifully. You are sure to love our selection of maple commercial doors in our Edmonton showroom.


Hardboard (or High Density Fiberboard) is a great option for doors. It is an engineered wood product so it doesn’t have the flaws that natural wood can have. It can also be created to mimic the colour and grain of any type of wood.


Oak is a high quality wood and they make beautiful commercial doors for our Edmonton customer. Oak is a lighter wood, but it can be stained to meet the your specific requirements.


Birch is a very sturdy wood. It is heavy and will last a lifetime. These doors are truly and investment for anyone shopping for commercial doors in Edmonton.

Panel Doors

Panel doors can come in a wide variety of options and designs. They can be made of almost any wood available and are a wonderful esthetic choice. This is why they are some of the most popular commercial doors in Edmonton.