We supply almost any shape or style of windows that you could possibly imagine for your Edmonton commercial location, and in a variety of styles. Specializing in the manufacturing and installation of several facades, such as curtain wall facades, high-performance window wall facades, and shop front facades, we have the knowledge and experience to build your commercial storefront glass window, whether it be for a multi-story commercial building or residential condos.

Built for life in Edmonton, our commercial windows are durable and long-lasting while still combining beauty and functionality to ensure your commercial building is sealed tight from the elements, and looks fantastic. For any new construction or renovation project, trust our superior windows. Our commercial windows are made for Edmonton’s climate, designed to improve your energy efficiency, and save you significant money on utility bills.

Edmonton Commercial Windows FAQs

Aside from their placements, there are also differences in the structural elements of commercial and residential windows. For one, commercial windows are made to be stronger than their residential counterparts. Commercial windows are also heavy-duty and have reinforced frames to resist pressure and withstand heavy structural loads so you don’t have to replace them often. Furthermore, both windows differ in their unique glazing needs, glass options, and installation requirements. For more information, be sure to contact one of the window expects at Fancy Doors today!

One of the most vital steps to starting a commercial window project is to know what types are available for your application: vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, aluminum-clad, and composite wood. Vinyl is one of the most widely used, since it is affordable, durable, energy-efficient, and requires little maintenance. Fiberglass is secure, durable, and the best choice for protection against the weather. Aluminum is a low-maintenance and affordable option. Aluminum-clad combines the advantages of aluminum and other materials (like wood). Lastly, composite wood has a more aesthetic appeal for your storefront display window, alongside having the benefits of being low-maintenance and incredibly durable.

This highly depends on what you want and need for your building. It may also vary if you're building storefront display windows or high-rise building windows. There are several glass options, such as shatterproof or plexiglass. You might even opt for a tinted window since it’s more energy efficient. Frame options are also available, including aluminum, vinyl, wood, and hybrid selections. Contact us at Fancy Doors for more information about our commercial window services. Our experts will provide you what you need to achieve the best solution for your storefront windows!